Tips For Exercising Outdoors In Every Season runner listening to cell phone with earbuds in winter

Exercising outdoors has plenty of benefits. First off, you get that oh-so-important vitamin D that many of us are deficient in. Just make sure to wear your sunscreen so you don’t get more sun that you wanted. Next, you get some fresh air. You also—depending on where you exercise—come in contact with nature, which is good for your mental and emotional wellbeing. The things you pass during your outdoor workouts, from people to places, can inspire you, give you new ideas, and motivate you. Haven’t you ever noticed that, when you jog outdoors rather than at the gym, you somehow go further without feeling tired? It’s because you’re amused and entertained. But, you can’t control the great outdoors the way the owner of a gym can control his environment. There’s no AC. There aren’t cushioned floors. There isn’t a roof or walls. So you have to adjust your exercise habits outdoors, as nature adjusts. Here are tips for exercising outdoors during every season.

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Warm up indoors

On cold days, do some exercises indoors before heading out. This will warm and loosen up your muscles. You don’t want already stiff muscles getting hit with cold air, which makes them stiffer. This can lead to cramps.




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