How To Find The Right Yoga Festival For YOU


If you have been considering attending your first yoga festival, but are overwhelmed with your online searches, consider what is most important for you to focus on. There are hundreds of yoga festivals to choose from all around the world and each has a specialty, theme or focus. If you are a beginner looking to unite with fellow yogis or if you are looking for serenity in a gorgeous landscape, there is something available to you from anywhere across the globe.

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Beginner’s Mind

For those who are building the foundation of their yoga practice, start here.


Location: Worldwide

The Wanderlust yoga festivals may be the most visible of all yoga festivals due to the high number of locations and events that they put on. There is something to appeal to every yogi, from beginners to the most seasoned. They offer high intensity classes, yoga on paddle boards, aerial yoga and relaxing yin classes.

If you need to take a yogic break, try attending one of the many speakeasies that happen throughout the four-day festival. As most yoga festivals do, they provide great music to keep the vibrations and energy high.

Hanuman Festival

Location: Boulder, Colorado

The festival is named after the pose Hanumanasana, which is fully expressed by the devotion of the heart. Hanuman is a great beginner yoga festival that focuses on the foundations of yoga, while celebrating humans for all that we are and can be.

The three-day festival has full yoga immersion classes that help build your yoga practice and physical strength each day. You can choose to learn more about arm balances, backbends or relax with what may be your first yoga nidra class.


Want to improve your arm balances but don’t want to miss your favorite band? Start here.


Location: Loveland, Colorado

The Arise music festival is advertised mainly as a music festival due to its big name headliners such as Michael Franti and Ani DiFranco but has a large yogic following. The festival is held on a 350-acre organic farm and retreat center. The three-day event also has showings of documentary films, live artists and workshops.

The music lasts from sunup to sundown, so there is plenty of time to devote to your yoga practice while opening your heart to the music on the number of stages throughout the festival.


Location: Boise, Idaho

TreeFort originated as a three-day music festival that highlighted up-and-coming bands with the addition of one or two headliners to draw in the crowds. Since then, the music celebration has expanded numerous “forts” such as HackFort (technology), AleFort (beer), FoodFort, StoryFort, FilmFort, SkateFort, ComedyFort, KidFort and YogaFort! The event has also expanded into a five-day event.

You can purchase a five-day general admission wristband to experience it all or you can opt for a YogaFort only pass. The yoga classes offered are deeply saturated by kirtan, which has been shown to benefit your heart, and is served by both live music and DJs.  


Looking to still your mind and find inner peace but also get your vinyasa on? Start here!

Bhakti Fest Midwest

Location: Northlake, Illinois

This event is three days of yoga, meditation and healing, with numerous other events available to the festival goers. The event also features music, but the festival aims to be “a vehicle for evolution of human consciousness through a heart-centered revolution.” The fest is an alcohol and drug-free space, making it a safe and inviting family event.

There are offerings for both beginner meditators, as well as more advanced and in-depth workshops focusing on meditation. If the journey to enlightenment becomes too much, the festival has a healing tent where you can go to absorb the good energy of the other festival goers while taking some time to ground down in a relaxing environment.

San Diego Yoga Festival

Location: San Diego, California

This festival was designed “to positively transform the lives of every individual who attends or works with this event from a mental, physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual, conscious, subconscious and super conscious level.” This three-day festival has a deep focus on meditation and the correlation with a more in-depth yoga practice.

You can look forward to a live drumming meditation opening ceremony and kundalini and meditation with gong baths to center yourself at this festival. If you struggle sitting still, there are many opportunities to incorporate movement and meditation, such as yogic surfing and sunset walks at the nearby beach.


Looking for blue skies and some fresh air to enhance your practice? This section is for you.

Telluride Yoga Festival

Location: Telluride, Colorado

The peaks of Telluride are jagged and new, geologically speaking. The views are awe-inspiring, where your head is literally in the clouds for this four-day yoga festival. There is not a single stoplight in town and the whole town runs on “mountain time”, a much slower speed than you would experience in any city across the globe.

The event recognizes the need to take advantage of the beautiful setting and in addition to the numerous yoga classes, there are also scheduled hikes and SUP yoga available. Though the town is known for the skiing, this yoga festival takes place in the summer when the majestic rocky mountains are lush and green. Treat your mind, body and eyes by partaking in this festival.

Sedona Yoga Festival

Where: Sedona, Arizona

This festival is not only set in the beautiful desert of Sedona but the area is known for having numerous energy vortexes that lend themselves to this rich experience. The spiritually charged environment adds value to this three day and three night experience. In addition to yoga practice, hiking is encouraged to absorb the beauty of the red rocks and breathtaking desert views. Listening to singing bowls at sunrise or sunset over the Arizona desert is something that you will not want to miss.


For those who are looking to heal their bodies from the physical effects of stress and poor diet, start here.  

Northwest Yoga Feast

Location: Sandpoint, Idaho

The name is not a misspelling. It is, in fact, a feast and not a fest. The part yoga, part feast has the motto “free the body, nourish the soul!” A large focus is based on the culinary experience and on feeding the body, in addition to the mind and soul.

There is a resident chef that that offers nourishing foods to help heal and treat common disorders like GERD, heartburn, fatigue and IBS. It is the thought that food can be your medicine and that healing foods are not to be restricted by recipes but rather through organic, consciously grown healthy foods.

Downtown Yoga Festival

Location: Salt lake City, Utah

This festival’s primary focus is the healing properties of yoga and works in combination with using food as medicine. The festival is open to all levels of practicing yogis and aims to promote a sense of community through yoga. The organizers of this event also highlight the healing powers of music and the effects that these have on your mood, brain development and a guide in meditation.

One of the festival’s offerings is cooking lessons that are geared toward vegan and Ayurvedic recipes. This event approaches the body with holistic point of view to provide tools for healing.

Himalayan Salt

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