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Downward facing goat?

A couple weeks ago, a girlfriend of mine excitedly shared on her Instagram that she tried GOAT YOGA for the first time. Does that stand for something? No. It’s literally doing yoga… surrounded by goats, letting them do whatever they please while you’re moving through your practice.

And TBH it looks pretty adorable from her photos:

goat yoga 2 GOAT YOGA Is The Newest Trend goat yoga 3 GOAT YOGA Is The Newest Trend goat yoga GOAT YOGA Is The Newest Trend

I thought this had to be some crazy thing she found out living in Iowa, but it turns out it’s popping up at farms everywhere across the nation!



I know what you’re thinking. Why goats? According to GoatYoga.net, it began with a woman who saw her goats as therapy animals. They’d make her smile through dealing with an autoimmune disease and her divorce. “I used the goats for my personal therapy, I started thinking that I could help other people that are suffering from stress, depression, illness, autism or PTSD by starting a therapy program using my goats. Equine and canine therapy are widely used and recognized for their medical benefits, so why not goat therapy?”




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